Android App File:
FURC_TT_VER_1_1_2.apk FURC_TT_VER_1_1_2.apk
Size : 1463.03 Kb
Type : apk
Old Versions:
FURC_TT_VER_1_1.apk FURC_TT_VER_1_1.apk
Size : 1459.05 Kb
Type : apk
FURC_TT_VER_1_0.apk FURC_TT_VER_1_0.apk
Size : 1457.167 Kb
Type : apk
Android App Documentation:

Version 1.1

February 12, 2014
New Features:
    -> Search by Classes added

Activity not responding

September 24, 2013

Most people will get this type of error, there is no problem in app if you are getting this type of dialog appeared on your mobile screen, just click on wait.
"Andriod generate this type of dialog when an app doesn't respond for 5 sec."
Timetable app take 5-7 sec's for downloading and parsing of excel file.

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Current version user interface (GUI):
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